udaikrishna p

udaikrishna p

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First Name * udaikrishna
Last Name * p
Username * UDBHAV
Country * India
City mumbai
Nationality Indian
Languages English



Website www.3drigger.com


§ More than seven years experience in CG World.

§ Highly experienced in Advanced Character Setup, Mechanical Setup, Dynamic Simulations, Understanding of Human Anatomy and Basic Scripting.

§ Strong grasp of rigging and muscle structure(joint chain creation, hierarchies and broken hierarchy techniques, stretchy limbs, squashing bellies, character silhouettes, squishy faces, rolling tongues, bulging eyes and outlandish expressions).

§ Proficient in 3D Rigging/Setup and Dynamic Simulations, as well as Environment Modeling, lighting and camera work with additional experience in character animation and particle effects.

§ Knowledge of different aspects of Maya such as MEL script, expressions, Fluid Effects, Hair and Cloth.

§ Solid knowledge of composting, rotoscoping, and keying